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Every dwelling, irrespective of its construction, contains within its fabric mould spores which are dormant and completely harmless. However, given the right conditions these spores will germinate resulting in extensive growths of black disfiguring mould.

Mould in the home arises from dampness, predominantly caused by CONDENSATION. However, a small proportion of problems occur due to true dampness - rising damp, penetrating damp, bursts and leaks. The incidence of condensation in domestic dwellings has increased tenfold in the last decade and is attributable to various factors - lack of heating - inadequate ventilation - use of paraffin and LPG heaters. The modernisation of properties, making homes virtually airtight and draught free with new windows and the removal of open fires, is an additional contributory factor.

R & B Services offer a comprehensive service of mould removal and treatment. For more details of our mould services please contact us.