R&B Services

We are a contract cleaning company based in Aberdeen, Scotland, providing a wide range of cleaning services including commercial and industrial cleaning, as well as property maintenance services

R & B Services was founded in 1989. From its founding, the company has worked to achieve and maintain the aim of setting a precedent in commercial and industrial cleaning standards which others strive to meet. Through this, the company has built itself a reputation for QUALITY, RELIABILITY AND SERVICE which is second to none.

Our Services

Office & Commercial Cleaning
Industrial Cleaning
Warehouse Maintenance
One-Off Cleans
Window Cleaning
Carpet Cleaning
Stairwell Cleaning
Pressure Washing
Handyman Services
Gardening Services
Pest Control

We are registered with the Waste Authority for the removal of bulk refuse.

We can provide staff who have been vetted by means of Scottish Disclosure.

Quality Assurance

R and B Services take great pride in customer satisfaction in all the work that we undertake.  This includes the induction of all new cleaners advising them of the company’s Code of Practice and the quality of cleaning expected of them.

Our supervisors ensure that sufficient cleaning materials and equipment are available to the operatives. They regularly visit sites to ensure that work is being carried out to the client’s satisfaction.  The Management Team encourage close one-to-one liaison between clients and management and also between management and operatives on all matters relative to sites. They visit sites whilst staff are working to check that our high standards are maintained. This also enables them to react quickly to any particular client need which may arise, or to recommend any ad hoc work which may be beneficial to the client.

Progressive Development

To ensure that the company achieves its objectives, the management carries out scheduled monitoring of its operations, effective customer liaison, problem solving and system reviews, as well as operating a training policy which ensures that all its personnel, from management downwards, are suitably qualified for the tasks they are required to undertake by providing on-going training.

For a FREE ‘No obligation’ quote please contact us. We offer competitive rates tailored to meet the specific cleaning needs, which includes materials, equipment, costs and insurance.

Health and Safety:  We have a comprehensive policy backed up by Royal Bank of Scotland Mentor and Public liability insurance up to £5 million.


Property Maintenance

As well as cleaning, we offer a wide range of handyman services, gardening services and pest control.

General Cleaning

Cleaning of windows, floors, carpets, stairs, pressure washing, gutter cleaning, etc.

Commercial Cleaning

Industrial cleaning and painting of warehouses, factories and stores

BISCs (British Institute of Cleaning Science)

R & B Services are accredited with BICSc.

R & B Services, R&B House, Checkbar, Nigg, Aberdeen AB12 3LP

01224 783606  |  info@randbservices.co.uk